About Us

Shamrock Heating and Air Conditioning has proudly served DuPage and Kane Counties for over 40 years. As a leader in the HVAC industry we are compelled to uphold a greater standard of excellence than other companies. When you call Shamrock you will get an intelligent customer service representative live on the phone 24 hours a day! Our outstanding customer service, our experience in the HVAC industry is essential to our superb service. Shamrock technicians have won many awards and received recognition from the top National Organizations in the HVAC industry for their unmatched technical capabilities. In fact, your Shamrock Technician is also a National Technical Trainer, training thousands of technicians from across North America! If you want an ethical professional with the skills to fix it right the first time, we are ready to handle your heating and cooling needs 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Shamrock’s Greater Standard of Excellence

  1. Our team of world-class technical experts are certified and trained to provide a greater standard of excellence to protect your family’s comfort, health and safety. Our award-winning and nationally acclaimed HVAC technicians are professionally trained and certified in the use of the most innovative, infrared camera Inspector™ technology to deliver precise diagnosis of any existing heating, cooling or air-quality challenges. The results? As a home owner, you will have the knowledge and peace of mind to effectively maintain your heating/cooling equipment proactively, protecting your family’s comfort, health, financial investment, and ensuring a longer life-cycle for your heating and cooling equipment.
  2. Our happy customers are the best testimonials we have. Learn about their positive experiences and how they worked with Shamrock to ensure their family’s comfort and health.
  3. The BEST Guarantees in the business! Shamrock delivers over TEN no hassle, no excuses guarantees! Not only do we provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you are, for any reason, dissatisfied with your new system, we also offer many more guarantees that ensure your customer satisfaction and protect your family’s comfort, health AND pocketbook: 100% Money-Back Guarantee$500 “No Frustrations” GuaranteeWorkmanship GuaranteeTotal Comfort GuaranteeProperty Protection GuaranteeA No “surprises” GuaranteeA No “Lemon” GuaranteeRound-the-clock service GuaranteeUtility Savings Guarantee, and our Indoor Air Quality Improvement Guarantee.
  4. Inspector™ Infrared Camera Inspections delivering enhanced health and safety
  5. Competitive pricing for a level of service that is higher than the competition
  6. Our history of serving DuPage and Kane Counties for over 40 years
  7. Our Savings Tips to help you save money, reduce environmental waste and breathe easier
  8. Our expertise in Indoor Air Quality
  9. All of our Industry awards, memberships and certifications
  10. The Sammy the Shamrock Advantage

You’ve Made the Right Choice in Choosing Shamrock!

Meet Our Owner

Tom O'Connor

In 1969 after I was honorably discharged from the Navy due to an old injury, I was anxious to start a family. I started to do handyman jobs in the Brandywine subdivision of Villa Park. Two years later, I started Shamrock Heating & Air Conditioning along with my wife Kathy. Together we faced many challenges in growing our business, but one thing always remained the same. Never do anything that is not in the customer’s best interest! This is something that is hard to come by in the heating and air conditioning industry, so this was greatly appreciated by my customers. Over the years, my business has grown, but I have always stayed true to my policy of being honest and making sure that my employees do the same. After all, I need to be able to sleep at night too. My sons (Tom Jr. and Will) are now both working with me and they believe this with all their hearts, so as we continue to grow, we will not back down from this basic philosophy.